Vintage Advertising Tokens,Metal,wood.

0-north american fishing club-zipper puller-$2.00 1-shriner-$2.00 2-1962 corvette-$2.00 3-model a-$2.00 4-winchester mystery house-$2.00 5-london bridge-$2.00 6-ponderosa ranch-$2.00 7-1957 Studebaker hawk-$2.00 8-1951 nash-$2.00 9-metropolitan owners club-$2.00 10-1978 corvette-$2.00 11-1960 corvette-$2.00 12-festival of the american west-$3.00 13-san Francisco-$3.00 14-john browning museum-$3.00 15-stone mountain-$3.00 16-hawall-$3.00 17-woodstock n.y.-$5.00 18-empire state building-$2.00 19-1983 fishing derby-$2.00 20-great smokey mountains-$2.00 21-disabled Americans-$2.00 22-hoover dam-$2.00 23-olvera street-$2.00 24-peterbuilt-$2.00 DISABLED AMERICANS VETERANS MINI LICENSE PLATES 1-1965-minn.-$2.00 2-1956 yellow ca.-$5.00 pair 3-1951 black ca.-$5.00 4-1952 black ca.-$5.00 5-1970 blue ca.-$5.00 6-1963 black ca.-$5.00 7-1965 black ca.-$5.00 TRADE TOKENS,METAL,WOODEN 1-1988 triceratops-$2.00 2-1988 coelophyis-$2.00 3-1988 brontosaurus-$2.00 4-hayel`s bakery gold,green,purple-$2.00 each 5-maverick stars tv show-$2.00 6-bonanza tv show-$2.00 7-wild bill Hickok-$2.00 8-buffalo bill Cody-$2.00 9-john wayne american-$10.00 10-fantasy in flesh-$2.00 11-silent type-$2.00 12-kansas city parking-$2.00 13-kik-0-lok kombo systems-$3.00 14-mill`s 5 cent mint`s coin-$5.00 15-1977 fresno numismatic society-$2.00 16-early long john silver`s doubloon-$2.00 17-1996 Atlanta athletics-$2.00 18-union pacific-$2.00 19-regency game palace-$2.00 20-cannon ball self oiling-$2.00 21-arizona sales tax coin-$2.00 22-mass air systems-$3.00 23-straw hat pizza games coin-$2.00 24-coin meter token-$2.00 25-fun for all good time token-$2.00 26-1776-1976 bass lake boat club-$2.00 27-north shore animal league-$2.00 28-delta queen happy steamboat-$2.00 29-burger king free drink coin-$2.00 30-my place bar San Pablo ca,free beer token-$2.00 31-sambos wooden coin for free coffee-$2.00 32-custers last stand sandwich stand-$2.00 33-1977-1987 country stoves-$2.00 34-mill`s bell fruit 5p token-$5.00 35-history channel club coin-$2.00 36-haleakala dairy milk bottle cap-$2.00 37-montana solid copper token-$2.00 38-north american fishing club zipper pull-$2.00 39-marlbro key tag-$2.00 40-shy clown casino,sparks Nevada-$2.00 41-parker brothers gun sliver shield blank-$5.00 42-bill`s golden horseshoe club $2.00 chip- 43-havens wooden coin-$2.00 44-brass numbered key tags 11-10-2-$2.00 45-round Harley Davidson tag-$1.00 46-small race car midget-$2.00 47-small unused LBJ -$2.00 48-la rouch for president-$2.00 49-dodson seed store,danville,ill-$2.00 50-fun for all token-$2.00 51-slient type,words-$2.00 559-264-0085
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