Free firewood for anyone needing it. You must cut it yourself and load it. I only provide you with my fallen trees.


$ 200 a cord )($100 a half, seasoned and half seasoned
Firewood - unseasoned un-split Maple cut to firewood length (about a chord) You pickup in Fairfield CT
Nearly half a cord of Oak Firewood, less than 2 years old. Free to whomever can pick it up from a home in East Shawnee. Please call (405) 275-1623
Fresh cut wood and premium woodchips delivered on-site and free of charge in the southern Connecticut area. The woodchips are very clean and uniform in shape and size and also free of sticks, etc. The wood is freshly cut (unseasoned) and delivered in 8' lengths. The wood is NOT SPLIT! Please contact me if interested in firewood or chips.
At 908 South winter. Free firewood. It's from a small mulberry tree and don't know what kind of other big pieces are. You will need a chainsaw for the big ones and they are in the backyard
Down tree in my yard. Has been cut into small logs. Free for the taking
2-6 foot lengths of hardwood. About 2 pickup trucks. Will help load.
Firewood from two large trees cut down this past Summer. Enough to fill two pickup trucks. Some large 40-50lb rounds.
cut hardwood trees for firewood on empty lot between 314 and 322 Brown Ave., Front Royal, VA visible from street.
Wanted free firewood to pick up and haul away for you in the Tucson, Arizona area.
3 large trees that have been dead for years. YOu cut, you haul, No charge
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