Insect Frass, Castings, Organic Fertilizer

I have an abundance of organic fertilizer for sale. I have a bug farm and subsequently I have a lot of bug poop also called insect frass. This insect frass contains a chemical called chitin (pronounced kite-in). When applied to plants as a root drench, topical dressing, or foliar spray the results are amazing. This product tricks plants into thinking they are being consumed by bugs so the plant's immune system and growth goes into hyper drive. Last year I had 7 foot tall tomato plants in 34 days. This year my collard greens were 3 feet in circumference in 30 days. It also wards off PM and root eating nematodes. It has a NPK of 4-3-2 so there is no risk of chemical burn.Many people are reaping the benefits of this product online so do your research on its yielding power. In doing your research you will also find that insect frass sells for $8 for half a pound. Because this is a byproduct of my regular business I can sell it to you for $8 a pound. Feel free to email me for further information. Also I've posted some pictures of my mother's garden after 39 days of using insect frass in her garden. Thanks, Edward
Updated 15-Jun-2014