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Dzind.com appreciates you considering us for your website development needs! Dzind.com is a global web development company, with over 15 years of extensive internet application development experience. With these services Dzind.com helps you accomplish your dream of obtaining a business on the world wide web. * Customized Web Development * Website Development * Web Application Development * E commerce Development * Blog Development * Website Reconstruction * Hosting Service * Content Writing * Maintenance & Upkeep * Technical Support * Search Engine Optimization (SEO) * Additional Page Features Components * Domain Registration * SSL Certification Dzind.com has web applications and layouts that can fit any budget, and offers to develop the website of your dreams! You can buy the website starting as low as $520 You can set up a 12 thru 48 month payment plan to purchase and design the website the way you want it. Starting as low as $55 per month When you purchase a Dzind.com web Application this what you get for free • Mobile Smart phone compliant Web Application • Navigation Bar with Roll over Buttons • Search Box • 1 E-mail Address- with the name of your website (name@yourcompany.com • Privacy Policy with the name of your website in the language • Uploading and testing prior to the deployment of your website • Monthly, detailed invoicing • Communication by e-mail, 5 days a week. • Feed Back Form • RSS Feed • 30 min Consultation & Support • Automated Data Back-Up • Detailed Traffic Statistics twice a year • Validation Your Domain Name Record • HTML Validation • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Validation For a sample of our work and a price quote please contact us at 1-(888) 494-6932
Updated 30-May-2012
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