Crustbuster 4030 All Plant DD 36X10 Drill, Hydraulic Fold/Lift/Hitch, 10" Spacing, 15" Disk Diameter, 14.5" Press Wheels, Manual Spacing Adjust, Set Up For Liquid Fertilizer, Crustbuster Speed King Inc. In Cab Controller, 9,038 Acres, SN: 22410 Johnson Land & Cattle Inc. of Minneola, KS are retiring from farming and have decided to sell their farming equipment through BigIron Auctions on April ...
set of 8300 drills have set of extra tires. Drills are set up with a double disc. Asking 1000 dollars for whole set up.
Used drills with 12" spacing, 30' long, with transports. Shedded when not in use.
Antique bucket from the AT&SF railroad. Has a few small holes drilled in the bottom. Think somebody was using it as a planter. If interested leave message.