PROTECT YOURSELF FROM HOME INVASIONS Description HOWL PROTECT YOURSELF FROM HOME INVASIONS USE CODE:4cs4 HOWL is a free safety app and Alexa/Google voice skill enabling the fastest emergency response possible by alerting your Pack with your GPS pin. VOICE ACTIVATION: MOST HOME INVASIONS OCCUR FROM 10AM-3PM, WITH OVER 1/3 ENTERING THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR HOWL allows you to protect what’s most important: you and your family. With HOWL Alert, you can speak a simple duress code— “Alexa: ALERT PACK”—during an emergency. All Alerts will go to your Pack by default, but subscribed (monitored) user alerts will also route to third party monitoring, who will activate local emergency response. If you are unable to use your voice, the HOWL Alert app has manual panic buttons. PACK: POLICE SOLVE ONLY 13% OF BREAK-INS AS A RESULT OF RESPONSE TIME AND LACK OF WITNESS OR PHYSICAL EVIDENCE Your Pack includes family, friends, coworkers, classmates, and anyone you choose to notify in the event of an emergency. With each alert, your Pack is notified that you’re in trouble and given a pinpoint GPS location based on your smartphone’s location tracking or smart home address. Even if a particular Pack member can’t physically reach you, he or she can still call 911 on your behalf to ensure help is on the way. ALARM: A VAST MAJORITY OF INTRUDERS FLEE UPON HEARING AN ALARM HOWL allows you to trigger a voice assistant alarm instantaneously via a simple voice command. The mobile app also features an alert button on the home screen. You can cancel either alarm using a spoken or keyed 4-digit pin. In the event an attacker forces you to turn off the alarm, there is a false code that will silence the sound while still alerting your Pack and the authorities. HOWL CHECK-IN: HOWL users can “HOWL AT” Pack members to check in on their safety. When HOWLED AT, a Pack member receives a push notification, as well as a text and email, and their User wolf icon on the Pack page turns from blue to red. To confirm they’re okay, the User can click their User wolf to “HOWL BACK” at Pack members, turning the wolf from red back to blue. This will notify all Pack members who have HOWLED AT the User that they’re safe. Think of it as everyday Pack protection. FREE: THE RISK OF INVASION IS HIGHER FOR RENTALS THAN OCCUPANT-OWNED PROPERTIES The free HOWL Alert App operates more effectively than anything on the market as soon as you download the app, build your Pack, and integrate the skill with your voice assistant. You do not need monitoring nor any additional hardware to get tremendous value from HOWL. Even without a voice assistant, the app alone does a world of good. So…would you download a free app if you knew it could save your life? MONITORING: HOMES WITHOUT A SECURITY SYSTEM ARE 300% MORE LIKELY TO BE BROKEN INTO Monitoring associated with traditional security systems can cost $50+ a month, in addition to thousands of dollars of fickle hardware. In stark contrast, HOWL Alert monitoring is just $7.99 a month. By subscribing to HOWL, you ensure that alerts are routed to proper authorities—and, of course, your Pack—no matter where you live or when an emergency occurs. The HOWL Promise Affordability HOWL is free for Pack alerts and just $7.99 a month for monitoring Convenience HOWL operates at home and on-the-go Speed HOWL allows users to activate alerts and send their location by simply using their voice Reach HOWL alerts your Pack and emergency services simultaneously. iOS, Android, amazon, Amazon Echo, google home, Google Home. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT: USE CODE:4cs4 HOWL is a free security app and Alexa/Google voice skill enabling the fastest emergency response possible by alerting your Pack with your GPS pin. #alertpack
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