Do you need help cleaning your business or home? We charge $25 dollars an hour, and are licensed,  insured and bonded.  We bring our own supplies and are fast and efficient!  We work with 2-3 ladies per job so we charge for "man hours ". For instance,  say your home or business needs 4 hours of cleaning,  the 2 of us bust it out in 2 hours, so the rate would be $100 for the total 4 man hours.  Most people have us  2 times a month. But we have weekly clients also and one client has us 2xs a week.  AND,  we're the bomb at move in/out cleaning.  Just depends on your life, business and budget.  Everyone needs a little help sometimes,  and since we do this everyday,  all day,  we have it down to an art.  No situation to big or small that we can't handle! My main thing I promise clients is that we are 100% aware that you are paying us with your hard earned money.  We want return clients,  not just a one time.  And we want good reviews!  So it's very important not to slow poke,  but work fast,  and at the same time,  be efficient. We treat every clients home with respect, and are always grateful for the chance to work for you.  Now on the down side,  we charge a $25 cancellation fee if there is not a 24 hour notice of canceling an appointment.  We stay booked!  And if someone makes an appointment for say 3 hours of 2 people cleaning,  it's a mess when they cancel. I hope I answered some questions for you.  If you have other questions feel free to call our message me.  (801) 940-4974.
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