Are you a Jack of All Trades?

Are You Looking For More Money Compensation: Based on experience Are You Looking For More Money and .... ... Do you want to work at a 26 year plus company? (Success) ... Do you want to make a salary, commission, residual bonuses and more? ... Do you want to work somewhere sales people are respected as professionals? ... Do you love persuading people to your point of view and creating a win-win deal? ... Do you love meeting, talking, and building trust without hard pressure tactics? ... Do you enjoy the hunt of discovering and cultivating new sales opportunities? ... Can you work with minimal supervision and continue to grow your success? ... Have you worked on commission only and know you can earn money? If you answered yes to the majority of the above, please follow the instructions below: We are looking to hire immediately for the best candidates! Call me, John Pyle and when I answer the phone proceed with the script below: Hello, my name is _________________ (your full name) I live in ___________________ (city you live in) I am applying for the position of RETAIL DEVELOPMENT If you have a moment, I would like to learn more of this career now. If you can follow the above instructions (part of the interview process) I will take a moment to discuss this incredible position with you. Compensation, bonuses and overrides based on experience and goal setting. John Pyle 352-255-3950 Founder - CEO 1989 - 2015
Updated 16-Feb-2015
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