I have a free "box," not flat screen samsung TV to give away. It works just fine, but no thrift stores will take it as it's not a flat screen. Help me keep it out of the landfill! If you can pick it up it's yours for free.
Hi. This Sofa and Rocking Chair are both available from Nov. 1. They are decent with some wear. Good for college students or young adults. Must pick up and carry to your own vehicle. My only request is that you do not put in landfill while they are in working condition. Available separately or together.
Very large tub of apples on curb, which I will refill if emptied. Bring your own bag(s). Located on West Pine Avenue, south side of the street (E of Beaver and W of San Francisco).
Free Sony Trinitron in excellent working order. See the following url for detail: http://www.docs.sony.com/release/specs/KV32HS500spec.pdf