I buy Laptops and FTS with a hub internal or external

I am will to buy buy laptops with at least 1.5 cpu and 4 gigs of memory and a HD 250 and larger all must be in working shape or one that has corrupt OS or bad battery the price I pay depends on how old it is , who made it, how worn it looks, the problems it has ..... if a pawn shop will not take it I will look at it and give you a fair price On FTA's I buy only working receivers and hubs .... I pay more for a HD unit working with hub or internal hub also they must have the HD card install for the unit ... it is a extra card to get a different HD service than the standard service that is used by all networks use I give a price on the unit after I test them out to see what problem it has or what needs to be done to work right
Updated 5-Nov-2012
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