Vespa Scooter, 50cc ET2 Black REDUCED PRICE!!!

This is a Black 2003 Vespa ET2 50cc 2-Stroke Scooter (49cc technically, for vehicle title and license reasons) with matching Vespa Top-box (Lock Box). The top-box cost me an additional $350 on top of what I paid for the scooter. I bought it brand new, with less than 50 miles on it, from the store. I really hate to get rid of this bike, it's been my "baby". But, we now live too far away from the school to ride it back and forth everyday. I do still love to take it out on the weekends for a nice ride around the countryside when the weather permits. The MSRP on the "Base Line" scooter is $2999, but the ABS brakes added the extra $200. The scooter was $3,200 new. And with the Top-Box I paid a total of $3,550 + tax. This scooter does not require a special license or license plate at all. It also doesn't require insurance, making it a very affordable mode of transportation. I don't have to tell you how high quality Vespa scooters are. They're made in Italy, and it totally shows with the sleek lines, quality durable paint job, steel body, chassis, and frame, unlike other asian made bikes that are plastic or fiberglass. It has a kick start, Automatic Continuous Variable with torque server transmission, meaning you don't have to shift gears. The scooter has been regularly maintained and has just had a new oil pump belt installed, as well as a gearbox oil change, tuneup, a new front tire, and new battery. The gas tank holds 2.4 gallons. And, it takes regular unleaded gas. You don't have to mix the gas and oil together yourself either, it does that internally. So the gas and 2-Stroke oil go in two separate reservoirs. It is air-cooled. It does have Pirelli tires on it, and there's LOTS of good tread left. You won't need new tires for years. It's currently in the shop having the mechanic check it over for anything else. It does have ABS brakes. This scooter has been a great bike. I've never had any problems with it and I have all the paperwork. It currently has 4872 miles on it. It does get excellent gas milage and would be a perfect mode of transportation for the gas conscientious person or a student on a budget, traveling back and forth to school. I used it for the sole purpose of traveling back and forth to the University, living only about a mile away. It's a dream to ride and I will miss it dearly. It will do upwards of 55-65 MPH downhill and 50 MPH on a strightaway. The guy at the Vespa dealership told me that this is, without a doubt, the fastest 50cc Vespa he's seen come through the shop!! The Suggested List price is $2,980. The average blue book retail value is $2,364. I've reduced the price from $1999 to $1699 to move quickly, and I believe it is a great deal and a very fair price for such a nice Italian bike. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me. You can call me on my cell: Jeff's Cell # (479) 225-6971 Here is a link for the NADA Blue Book Value (This is without the $350 Top-Box): http://www.nadaguides.com/Motorcycles/2003/Vespa/VESPA-ET2-49cc/Values
Updated 20-May-2013
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