I HATE NOTHING MORE THAN A THIEF! IT LOOKS LIKE THIS COULD HAPPEN TO ANYONE AND I HATE THIS KIND OF STUFF! I GOT AN EMAIL FOR HELP FROM A MEMBER IN THE STATE OF WASHINGTON NBHA DISTRICT # 1. I WENT TO THE FACEBOOK GROUP BARREL RACING TACK SWAP AND NOTICED SEVERAL OF YOU WERE MEMBERS SO BE AWARE! THE ADDRESS IS IN SPRINGHILL LA I was doing a trade with my awards saddle and the person STOLE it. NEVER sent me my stuff, here is the information she gave me but I don’t think it is her real name. ALSO SOUNDS LIKE I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE SHE HAS DONE THIS TO. She used the name of NANCY BUCHANAN, 200 Oak DR. Springhill, LA. The picture above is of the saddle that was sent to this address. According to UPS the saddle was delivered to the address and left on the back porch as instructed. After contacting the police, the saddle was recovered, but the girl is still at it, she apparently has stolen another saddle from Oklahoma also. While waiting on paperwork to go through for charges to be brought against this girl, there are other people in the area that she has stolen from or that she has cheated. The SADDLE WAS PICKED UP TODAY BY THE CHEIF OF POLICE IN THE HANDS OF AMY CONNER DICK FROM SAREPTA , LA. HER ALLIAS NAME IS NANCY BUCHANAM AND THE ADDRESS SHE USED FOR SHIPPING WAS FOR A RELATIVE OF HERS. THE SADDLE HAD BEEN PICKED UP THERE BY HER AND WAS AT HER HOME ADDRESS. PLEASE BE AWARE, FROM WHAT I UNDERSTAND THIS WAS NOT THE FIRST TIME SHE HAS DONE THIS!!!!!!! SHE HAS ALSO USED THE NAME OF PEGGY, ACCORDING TO SOME OF THE OTHER POSTS.
Updated 1-Aug-2012
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