North County resident seeks shared rental – will work for discounted rent

Hi. I’m a North County senior (age 66) needing to relocate soon. I can't afford much rent, but I'll try to compensate by helping with indoor/outdoor chores (yard maintenance, house cleaning), and/or with desk work (admin/wordsmith tasks). I'll also provide, and manage, all my own personal supplies (i.e., food, clothing, electronic accessories). My preferred relocation areas: Oceanside, Vista, Escondido, Fallbrook. Also: must be near public transit, please. thanks. sorry. a little more about me likes and loves (for example): cities, city living, cafés, coffee, writing, public radio, people, art, dance, dogs and cats (or cats and dogs -?), peanut butter sandwiches, sitting outside, walking, creativity, systems, the sky, trees, flowers, birds and a little more
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