Free couch. Starting to fall apart but still whole. 2 of the 3 seats are still decent. Maybe your looking for a porch couch or dog couch Pick up at 730 Ellsworth St. Posting will be removed once gone. Will not be replying to emails.
Lots of free horse manure for gardening. Bring your truck and trailer, we will load with the tractor. Junction city off of river road.
Bag of nice quality faux fur fabrics suitable for hang bags, toys, hats; pieces are 1/2 to 3/4 yards. Call 541-342-8071
Bag of nice fabrics suitable for hangbags, scarves, hats. Pieces are 1/4 to 1/2 yards. Call 541-342-8071
Despite some wear, this full-sized topper, from Bed in a Box, is in fair condition or your use. It has always had a cover on it to protect it.
Bathroom sink with faucet Corner chipped off when removing. See photos. Could be glued back on and look fine 19 inches deep, 25 inches wide. Dave
We have a mass amount of 5 gallon buckets up for grabs. Please text the number provided for more information and to set up pick-up times.
so weve got some working tvs that are taking up space. they are the tube type and some have a little weight to them. oldest is prolly lete 80s console type ther others are in the 90s or 2000s... couple of sonys etcthey are free if you want one or all if you come pick them up here at our house . we can deliver them and bring it into your house again one or all for a small fee each. i could take ...
1 large desk6 waiting room chairs 3 swivel chairsFree and available for pick up by appointment, Monday- Friday 9 am to 5 pm. Contact for details.Please make sure you have more than one person and a truck to move the desk.
Free couch. Has been around dogs. Reclines on both sides. Its currently in a bedroom and would need to be moved. It is a two person job.
Free dresser. One drawer is broken but could easily be fixed with some nails. 33x17x45 inches. Text or email. You pick up.