Original Peter Lloyd monoprint titled TA Tierra Amarillo. 1997 21x24 framed About the artist Peter was an illustrator who received his MFA from Art Center school of design. He won several awards for excellence including New York society of illustrators as well as awards for album cover art. He did a lot of printmaking during the 90s in Taos New Mexico. His airbrush is featured in the book Overs...
This is a painting on Masonite with raised or thick paint for effect . It is signed C Luce . It measures 30 x 24. I dont know if it is oil or acrylic .

A skull

You are buying both.Call to set a time and place to meet.I will deliver in the Eug and Rosb areas for $10.00 or mail.
wonderful collection of Blue Bottles , the Magic of the Blue Cobalt .. on your window, shining withe the Sun, One has a seesd bead hand made necklace of a thunderbird.very unusual collection
so colorful, so cute, children hang them or wear themI hand crocheterd them , all different , I solded them at 15. so it is a bargain price now and more special for quantities , like 10 for 40...I use acrylic yard for brightneness and ease of care
This is one of my favorite originals. Ive always kept it out on my patios and it has always gotten a lot of compliments. Its quite large, maybe about 5-6ft long.
Matte prints of original collaboration by Maryn Fattig and Emma Garcia. 8x8 $25 and 16x16 $50 - would look amazing in a frame. Were offering free shipping The Original piece is also for sale and if you are interested please let me know It is about 4ft x 4ft
This was for something important in the past, and I bet it cost a lot of money at the time, but now, it would be a great item for a Steunk project. With a little imagination and a lot of other junk, this could be a prize winner.The total unit is 22 inches highThe drum is 11 inches wide
L 18 12 x W 7 x H 18 Tempered Glass. I have 50 pieces of precut tempered glass. I posted a couple pictures of how much 1 piece would cost if you ordered this size cut for you. For those that do not know, you can not cut tempered glass into a different size or something else but this is a safety glass so if it breaks it is unlikely it will cut you. I am selling these for $5 each or if someone wa...
can pretty much be used for sketching, scrapbooking, or journaling. my hand is in the photo for size comparison bought this journal on impulse and have no idea on what to draw or write in it so Im selling it. email me if interested has 96 handmade pages.I did attempt to draw in it but have since taken those pages out originally it had 110 so it has a small pocket of space but that can be easily...