Well Drilling Accessories For A Portable Well Drilling Rig

Well Drilling Accessories For A Portable Well Drilling Rig: (3) drilling collars - used to place weight directly on the drill bit to optimize drilling performance, two collars are 5' long an one collar is 20" long, all three collars use 1-1/4" NPT thread connections. (1) used 3" diameter rock coring bit. (1) unused 3-1/2" diameter three wing bit. (1) used 3-7/8" diameter four wing drill bit with tungsten cutting elements. (9) used diamond coring bits for drilling into rock. (2) used rock drilling bits with carbide buttons, one is 3" diameter and one is 2-7/8" diameter. (5) unused suction strainers, two are 6" diameter and three are 7" diameter. I sold my drill rig, the parts that are listed and are in the photo's are the only drilling parts that I have for sale. If you are drilling a well yourself the accessories will work on a small drilling rig. I am not in the well drilling business. If you have questions about well drilling or if you are looking for someone to drill a well for you - call a professional well driller. Selling all of the parts listed for $1,250., no haggle price. I am not interested in selling the parts separately. In Escondido, call (760)746-7209
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