Original-Authentic BLACK FOREST CUCKOO CLOCKS starting from - $215

Original-Authentic BLACK FOREST CUCKOO CLOCKS starting from $215. Great selection. 2 year manufacturer's warranty. We carry German original Black Forest cuckoo clocks, chalet cuckoo clocks, hunters cuckoo clocks, owl cuckoo clocks, quartz cuckoo clocks and many other types of cuckoo clocks in our showroom located at 323 West Grand Ave, Escondido, 92025. Cuckoo clocks were first made about the year 1738 in the Black Forest of Germany. They were made during the long, harsh winters when there was nothing really to do. Cuckoo Clocks were made to fill time during these winter months and then sold during the spring and summer months by roving clockpeddlers. Many people think of Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks as company when they are really made by many carvers and manufacturers in the Black Forest. The Black Forest is a region in SW Germany and the cuckoo clocks are made within by, mostly a cottage industry, and several larger companies that specialize in making cuckoo clocks in many varieties. Timekeepers of Escondido, your one stop watch, clock and jewelry headquarter, tries to bring you only the best from the Black Forest of Germany. AND,
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