Twin extra long ,Natures Rest premium mattress with mattress protector

3 year old,Natures Rest, twin extra long mattress and mattress protector.This top rated mattress is made from all of mother nature,using only the most luxurious,natural materials.Luxurious top with all memory foam,that is antimicrobial for any type of allergies. It is alot like the Tempur-Pedic mattress,but you dont sink in it.It is between soft/firm feeling. We had this mattress in our spare room and my wife wants to turn into an office room.AWESOME TOP RATED NATURAL MADE MATTRESS!!! YOU'LL LOVE THE FEEL.This mattress was bought for $800.00 3 years ago.The mattress protector will protect the mattress from any bodily fluids or anything you eat or drink.Thank you for reading! Please go to for further information.
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