Load Runner Duration : 40 Hr Load Runner Introduction What is performance test Why performance test Introduction to Load Runner Load Runner Components Load Runner Architecture How Load Runner works Important Terminology Load Runner Process Best Practises Virtual user generator Inroduction to Vugen Recording Settings General Options Record Basic Script Script Enhancements Parameterization Parameter settings Inserting check points Inserting transactions, sub transactions, rendezvous points Inserting correlation statements Inserting conditional and iterative statements o Naming convenstions o Importing actions into Vuser o Working with Built - in and User defined functions o Scripting Standards Debugging the script Runtime settings Controller Introduction to controller Scenario Types Manual Scenarios Goal oriented scenarios Scenario Design Creating / Adding Groups Configuaring load generators Run time settings Scenario Scheduling Schedule by Scenario Schedule by Group Diagnostics Rendezvous policy Online monitors Configuring Online monitors Add measurments Result settings Scenario execution Monitoring and editing the scenario during execution Monitoring Dbase and App servers for performance bottlenecks Naming conventions Best practices Analyzer Introducing to Analyzer Analyzing graphs and reports Merging and filtering the graphs Exporting reports to excel Results comparisons Reporting Test results to Application team Best practices Introduction to Quality center Overview of Quality Center Process changes Quality center framework Tool Demo/ Training Test Management process Specify requirements Plan Tests Tests Execution Defect Management Regards Ravi, Dream Winz, Padmavathi Plaza, 305, 306 & 307, Kukatpalli. Cell: 9640933444/9550419629 / 9502741758
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