El Monte Carpet Cleaning

4436 La Madera Ave, 91732 (626) 788-9195 http://www.elmontecarpetcleaningexperts.com Mon-Sun 10 a.m - 8 p.m cash, check, all cc If you are searching for professional carpet cleaners in El Monte, California, you are in the right place! El Monte Carpet Cleaning Experts is the leading provider of cleaning services in El Monte, including carpet cleaning, upholstery and furniture cleaning, air duct cleaning, and a broad range of cleaning services for homes, offices and businesses. We serve the El Monte area in California. We clean carpets and home and office furnishings using the latest cleaning equipment, and approved products and techniques that cause no damage to the environment, or the materials on these items – and we can guarantee that you will be pleased with the results. Your carpets will regain the freshness and appeal they had when you first installed them! Call us today; no other company in El Monte can match our prices, or our workmanship! Carpets are a nice touch in any room or space where they are installed, but they tend to accumulate a lot of bad stuff over time, making the air in your living spaces unhealthy. Don’t risk your health, living with a dirty carpet and all the allergens and pollutants it quietly releases into the air you breathe! El Monte Carpet Cleaning Experts is only a phone call away. We provide a variety of cleaning services to ensure you have a clean home, office or business – from wall-to-wall carpet cleaning using steam cleaning or dry cleaning, area rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and odor removal. If you have had water leak into your house, or fire, or a flood, we also do damage restoration in the wake of these events. It is tempting sometimes to try to clean your carpets yourself, if a stain is unsightly in your living room for instance. But cleaning a modern carpet really requires powerful equipment and advanced cleaning techniques. Our technicians are trained in stain removal, and we come armed with an array of cleaning solutions to deal with all kinds of stains and fabrics. We can assure you that you save money and time when you hire a professional cleaning service – and you get superior results too!
Updated 11-Sep-2018
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