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I am looking to hire 6-8 painters. Painters must be 18 years of age, not afraid of heights, and willing to work 40 hours a week outside. I prefer people who have painting experience, but those who are willing to work hard and learn will also be considered. Candidates must have a positive attitude, must be willing to work 40 hours per week. When summer hits, I will begin managing the painting crews to do the actual work in Elm Grove and surrounding areas. Here are my positions and pay available: Painter: $8-$10 per hour - You will be certified through Sherwin Williams and have a starting wage from which I have the discretion to raise if you prove you’re a strong worker. And, I’m authorized to give a large bonus at the end of the summer if I have been impressed with your work over the summer. (On top of your wage, College Works puts $1 into your account for every hour worked) I’m looking for conscientious people who have attention to detail, won't cut corners, and strive for customer satisfaction. Crew chief(s): $9-$12 per hour - A managerial position. Need 1 to start, and up to 3 by the time we get production in full gear. Will be my go-to whenever I'm at the job site and in charge whenever I'm not. Will have additional responsibility, including but not limited to: client walk-arounds, budgeting, training, and inventory management. Will be very selective as it is the most coveted. Painting will take place during the day during normal working hours. There will also be a marketing and advertising requirement for 2-3 hours per week, either in a weekday afternoon or weekend. Is usually 5-730pm Monday-Friday, and any time on weekends. Again, you can market as much or as little as you want. You can have flexible hours and a fun working environment, not to mention being able to work with your friends. If any of these positions sound interesting, please apply online at www.cwpjob.com using the marketing code: 36466 if you have any friends who are interested in a summer job, please refer them to this event! I have already hired a few marketers and began conducting interviews for painters, so contact me soon to reserve your spot.
Updated 11-May-2014
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