RESUME preparation and job search assistance

Do you need a resume or need to have your current resume updated? It is even tougher these days to find employment and the first impression to a potential employer is critical. Is your resume old and dusty....or maybe you don't even have a resume. Are you familiar with the best websites to look for your next job? Or are you one of those people who only knows how to look in the newspaper for work? I have 25 years of experience in Human Resources both with the government and in the private sector and been involved in recruiting for over 20 years. And, I have been on the opposite side and have had to refine/update my own resume and learn the best websites for my own job search. There are companies out there that will review and rewrite your resume...most of them are a minimum of $150.00 and there's very little interaction with you. Let me assist you in your resume preparation so that you can highlight your skills and talents on your resume. We will have a discussion about your work experience and your target market for your next job. I can assist you with searching for jobs on-line. Reasonable prices - starting at $25.00 for a basic resume. When you e-mail, please provide me with your first name and a contact number so I am able to call you. Please make sure you are ready to move forward with a new resume! E-mail: msabella21921@yahoo.com
Updated 2-Oct-2013
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