Please help! O came here by bus from oregon for a live in position to cook and clean and be a caregiver but when i got here he let it be known there was more i am to sleep with him as well o can't do that ot takes time to have feelings for someone and after that no desire too. O have to leave in the morning to the streets i jave mo one here and 4 suit cases. And disabled i do get a check the 1st of every month. Of you can give me a place to live at least till the first i can then pay rent or find a place were i can or i am willing to work cleaning cooking laundry baby sitting care giving what ever you may have please. i don't want to be sleeping on the streets by tonight. Don't know what else to do but pray someone sees this and can help me. Call daniella at 5029944348 thank you and god bless.
Updated 19-May-2018
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