Tips for Fire Damage Restoration and Clean Up

• Don’t plug in any electronics. Call an electrician to inspect for any electrical damage from the fire. • Throw out any open of possibly exposed foods that make have been contaminated from the fire. • First, consult a fire marshal and ensure that it is safe to re-enter the home after fire damage. Even though you may want to inspect and see what survived the fire, you need to be safe for obvious reasons. Fire can cause the home to be extremely unstable and dangerous. • Immediately following the fire, call a smoke and fire damage restoration specialist to help assess the damage in the home and begin the clean up process. A fire damage restoration professional can save a lot of money, time and keep your family safe Open all windows and doors to ventilate and help get the smoke out as much as possible. • Cover any clean, unaffected pieces of furniture up with plastic to make sure they are not damaged in the clean up process. • Do not try to clean anything yourself. The soot and smoke that has set into the furniture and carpet can be dangerous.
Updated 11-Sep-2018