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For thicker or tougher debris, it may help to have a scooping or scraping tool. There are plenty of things you can use to make this job go faster. Some people take a milk jug and cut it into a scoop shape, while others will use a putty knife or old spatula. Anything can work, but if you’re using metal tools be sure not to be too rough and scratch or puncture your gutters. After cleaning the gutters themselves, you’ll need to flush your downspouts. Get a hose and point it directly down the spout, so it rinses out anything lodged inside. If you have a tough clog, you can use a plumbing snake to help clear it out. Finally, you’ll want to rinse the whole gutter out, starting from the highest point. Position your hose at the top of the gutter, and let the water run the length of the system and down the downspout. http://www.accordroofs.com/
Updated 20-Sep-2013
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