Santa, Elves, and the Gentleman (Thumb’s Up).

Elroy Eve cranking the whip saying let’s get a move on! Elvin these Birdhouses have got to be done on time, Elroy’s in charge, he’s a take charge kind of Elve, Santa and the Gentleman over looking all of them go the boys and girls are really going to love watching birds make nest in them, Santa and Elroy give THUMBS Up. Santa turned his chair to watch the Birdfeeder Line it’s one of his favorite lines to watch. Iffy Elve in charge, this time you can hear Elves singing while working, so happy to have boys and girls watching the birds eating from there feeders. One by one they come off the line looking great, Santa and Iffy give the THUMBS Up. Santa then turns his chair one more time to watch the Picture Frame Line, this time you can see the Gentleman whisper to Santa to put more Birch on them. Santa yells to Itchy Elve leader of the line we can put a little more Birch on, one by one they come off the line looking great. Itchy and Santa give the THUMBS Up. This summer time work is making everyone hungry, Santa gets on the Bullhorn, “lunch time”. Santa brings his usual two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, and ice cooled milk, no one knows what the Elves bring but they sure do like them. After lunch Elves, there all waiting for Santa to say it’s Story Telling Time. Archy Eive gets the ball rolling about this one year Rudolph so desperately wanted to help Santa deliver Christmas Presents at the Jones, Santa said only this one time they both got down the bottom of the stairs at the same time, they looked at the walls they were lined with Mounted Deer Head. Rudolph told Santa I won’t be helping you deliver Christmas Presents no more. Iggy Elve shares the next story about Santa went to deliver Christmas Gifts at Carol’s but she had moved, their were Two Bad Looking Dudes standing in the corner Santa had that look in his eyes for them to “scramble, these presents were only for good Boys and Girl’s. Eggy Elve wants to share the last story Santa went to deliver Christmas Gifts at the Johnson’s he went to the tree, he seen all these Presents were to Santa he back to Rudolph with more Presents that he went in with. Hope these Santa stories in the summer help amuse you. Having wild ride on MS journey, would like donation if possible to help me fight it out Richard Lofgren Cherrywood 1889 139th Andover Minnesota 55304 Cash Only, no checks or Electronics thank y9u