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FREE Ebook - The Chosen: #1 Choices Download a FREE copy of The Chosen: #1 Choices at What if you could see the truth? What if you could see the influence the spirit world has on the physical. Well, for one man it is not a dream, but a nightmare. In this six part thriller Don “The Max” Johnson, a widower and father of two, tries to get a grip on the ability to see the battle between heaven and hell and the toll that the battle brings on humanity. Comment by Jackie Paulson, a professional book reviewer. Wow, this is a great story. It touches death, and the reality of gangs. It talks about demon possession and how it affects a person. I was in suspense... I said, “What is going to happen next?” I have experienced odd things concerning my teenager as well. I have had to say, “I bind you Satan in the name of Jesus,” to ward off evil spirits of sorts myself. It is my belief that we have God’s chosen people on earth and then Satan’s chosen people on earth as we are here living now in the 21st century. I cannot wait to purchase your book or books.
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