Irrigation system repairs

Irrigation issues? Sprinklers not spraying? We can properly diagnose irrigation system problems - the first time. We also replace & program timers and sprinkler heads as well as adjustments for optimum spray coverage and water efficiency. Do you have an older irrigation timer (or "clock") that just can't do what you want it to, or just want to update to the newest technology? New timers not only allow many more functions, but are extremely water efficient. They can automatically adjust your watering schedule to take into account both the seasons and current weather conditions. This allows the controller to optimally water plants year round without the need to constantly reprogram the controller throughout the year. Are your popup spray heads not popping up? Are your rotor heads not rotating? Are your sprinkler spray patterns not correct or simply not watering what you want them to, or watering what they aren't supposed to - like the side of your house, the street or your driveway and walkways? We can replace and adjust broken or malfunctioning sprinkler heads for optimum coverage and efficiency. Do you have to manually shut your system off when you see it raining? Most systems can be retrofitted with adjustable rain sensors that will temporarily stop the watering schedule if it's raining. Do you have a rain sensor yet the system still runs when it's raining? We can replace and calibrate your sensor and even utilize wireless technology if you don't want to see unsightly sensor wires. Call us today at (352)462-0060 or visit our website at and use our contact form.
Updated 5-Mar-2018
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