Jeju Sauna in Atlanta

Very rude experience following the spending of nearly $200. I've gone here for years, stopped for a while due to a racial event I didn't like. They changed the exit policy to include everyone, not just blacks. Since I travel a lot, I started using Wi Spa in LA and Spa World in Centreville VA instead (no racism, no rudeness ever). So, I'm in Atlanta and needed to destress. The massage was great. The dinner was great. The facility was very clean, not too noisy. Pleasant vibe until... I was in the wet area, left out. Came back. After a certain hour, they seem to hire a unformed prison warden who enforces nudity and showers. He ordered me to shower before getting into the water. I was already showered. I, as a paying customer, told him this. He ordered me again. I will not pay to be stripped of dignity and disrespected. I guess I will stick with Centreville, LA, ETC.

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