FOR SALE 5,716 SQFT Commercial Building

Unit description 101 NORTH STATE STREET, DUCKHILL, MS 38925 The property consists of masonry block building and a wood frame building which is located in the rear. The property has frontage along North State Street. The property is not located in a recognized flood zone, and is located in zone code c map #280118, Town of Duck Hill, Montgomery County, MASONRY BUILDING DESCRIPTION Size: 4,708 SQ FT Age: 32 Years Foundation: Concrete Slab Frame: Masonry & Wood Exterior Walls: Masonry Roof Cover: Built up composite Ceiling: Exposed roof framing & Tile Interior Walls: Wood Frame Wall Finish: Plaster, Sheetrock & Paneled Floor Cover: Exposed Concrete & Tile Interior Finish: Typical Heating: Central Forced Air, Gas Air Conditioning: Central Forced Air Electrical: Typical Plumbing: Typical Parking: Typical WOOD FRAME BUILDING Size: 1,008 SQ FT Age: 10 Years Foundation: Concrete Perimeter / Dirt Floor Frame: Wood Exterior Walls: Metal Roof Cover: Metal Interior: Unfinished Heating: None Air Conditioning: None Electrical: Typical Storage Plumbing: None For more information, contact Sharon Jones (219) 201-2958 Email: realtorsharonjones@gmail.com

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