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We have a very large supply of red oak planks all sizes 18”Wide and 2” Thick. We salvage everything we can from every job we do. So if you need some special material you can not find anywhere else give us a call. We have Barn Beams all sizes. If you are looking for special hard to find woods we just might have what you need in almost every size. Some of our recent projects have harvested beautiful 14-17” white- red oak planks. We have 1” rough cut oak up to 18” wide. We also have a steady supply of weathered barn wood for sale.We are Rescued Relics! We recycle anything and everything! If you are cleaning out your attic, basement, garage, or barn, please give us a call. We want everything from old books, magazines and newspapers, to tapes, records and DVDs. With the age of digital media upon us, we are striving to memorialize all of the dying forms of paper media. We recycle 94% of what we collect, in more ways than you can believe. Please think of us before you throw it away! Please like at our Facebook page: Please Call Us Tim & Tori
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