Interested to buy our parrots or parrot eggs? we are professional and responsible aviculturists. we do not sell unweaned babies. no need to ask we sell only to QUALITY BUYERS. DNA sexing as well as health screening included. eggs are in very fertile condition and hatching is 100% assured.we have the following list of weaned parrots and very fresh and fertile parrot eggs ready to join their new home Congo African Grey / eggs, Timneh Grey / eggs, Umbrella Cockatoo / eggs, Palm Cockatoo / eggs, Goffin Cockatoo / eggs, Gallah Cockatoo / eggs, Blue and Gold Macaw / eggs, Scarlet Macaw / eggs, Greenwing Macaw / eggs, Hyacinth Macaw / eggs, Sollomons Island Eclectus / eggs, Dyh Amazon / eggs, Toco Toucan / eggs, Cockatiel / eggs, Senegal / eggs, Conures / eggs. we export to any corner of the globe where there is demand. parrots are shipped in well secure steal cages and eggs goes in automatic turn on incubator. Interested person should contact us for details
Updated 1-Dec-2011
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