Direct Support Caregiver

Individual is a 28 year old female with a great smile. She needs complete help with bathing and has a tub lift to help her with bathing and has hands on help to brush her teeth and comb her hair she chooses what she would like to wear and will help to dress by pushing her arm through the sleeve of a shirt; however will not help in putting on her pants, socks, shoes, etc. without hands on help and prompting. Individual wears adult brief but staff asks her at least every 2 hours if she needs to use the restroom to help avoid skin irritation. Staff working with her need to be aware of her diagnosis of: Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, Pica, Profound Mental Retardation, Epilepsy of the Generalized Major Motor Type, Mucopolysaccharoids, San Filippo Syndrome, Anxiety Disorder Symptoms; Irregular Membrane above the Aorta and seizures. Her mother will make and attend all medical appointments. Diagnosed with PICA. Her room cannot have anything in it that could be harmful to her, i.e.: small items that could be swallowed, pictures with 3 dimensional designs that she could take apart, etc. Individual does not realize danger and will put things in electrical outlets, swallow various uneatable objects, overflow the sink, stop up the toilet, turn on the stove, etc. Individual does say some words and uses gestures for others this is how she communicates her wants and needs. Contact Human Resources at 615-848-0114 ext. 1800 for an application for employment
Updated 31-Aug-2018
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