Need a room to rent, march 1st wld be great

I am looking to rent a room in a house, apt, whatever. I am in DHS now, and my situation is not a healthy one. (Other person is very disrespectful, verbally abusive, im not comfortable with the way its going, not my issues, the other persons issues are not healthy for me to live with anymore, just very verbally abusive, irresponsible, and i need to go or i will end up acting on impulse n walking out, i do not want to be homeless but im at my witz end. Im white, 53 yeats young, no legal issues, just have been in a relationship that has turned into a nightmare n i need to remove myself. Please call or email me to give me a chance to talk to you. My name is mariane. Rondholzmarianne7@gmail.com.
Updated over a month ago