Korg KRONOS 88 Keys Professional Workstation

Comprehensive keyboard workstation with 9 sound engines, thousands of sounds and effects, extensive hands-on controls, and everything you need to arrange and create original music onboard 88-note flagship rh3 weighted hammer-action keyboard with 4 resistance zones provides authentic piano feel sgx-2 sound engine takes a no-compromises approach to acoustic piano sound, featuring complex, full-sample synthesis to deliver the character of famous German and Japanese grands, including string resonance and una corda modeling ep-1 sound engine employs Korg's cutting-edge Multi-Dimensional Synthesis (mds) technology to simulate the precise behavior of reed and tine electric pianos, along with effects and more cx-3 sound engine perfectly models timeless tonewheel organ sound, complete with a full complement of vintage effects, tube-amp warmth, and rotary speaker cabinet emulation hd-1 sound engine leverages decades of pcm digital synthesis developments to produce wavetable tones ranging from perennial classics to unparalleled futuristic synth sounds ms-20ex sound engine utilizes Component Modeling Technology (cmt) to recall Korg's classic ms-20 semi-modular monosynth down to its finest details, including external input routing PolysixEX sound engine faithfully re-creates the original 1981 Polysix, including its 6-voice polyphony, aggressive 4-pole filter, and onboard effects
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