Photographers Wanted

Hello, The good people at are searching for professional and amateur photographers in Denver, Colorado. The only requirements we have are that you have an eye for a great picture, a digital camera, and love to party. This is a great opportunity to further your career and have major events to add to your resùme. We are involved with concerts featuring national and international artist, fashion shows, highlighting renowned designers, social events (mixers and cocktail parties), club nights, and charity events to name a few. We can get you access to events you may have never thought you would be able to attend. You will have the opportunity to build a large; high end network. This brings us to another quality you must have “Ambition”. If you are content with where your career is at, or you already have the network you desire then we are not the company for you. On the other hand; if you are interested in furthering your career, broadening your network, and have a passion for photography then we are the company for you. Here's some information about us. Is on the surface an online ticket vendor for a variety of events/concerts. We are much more than that beneath the surface. We are a collection of financiers, club promoters, booking agents, concert promoters, artist/modeling agents, venue owners/management, event planners, and overall socialites. In other words “We Make Things Happen”. We have established vast network throughout the U.S. We are a fairly new company full of experienced members. We are definitely unique in the industry. We look forward to growing together.
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