Discounted Private Land Whitetail Hunt in Eastern Nebraska

Hunt ID: 5094-CO-S-C-2000-003-ElkMDeerAntelope-NW-LV2INME Do you need Western States License or Point? The only ones with a Hunt GUARANTEE! With Watchdog® we Guarantee that you can hunt the West for Mule Deer, Elk, Antelope, Whitetail, and even Moose, every year on PRIVATE LAND at discounted Prices for the rest of your license and have licenses available to make this dream come true. That is my Guarantee for fulfilling your dream. ! Got Elk, Look what we have to deal with in December/January every year, to many elk! Call Watchdog® Colorado Quick Picks Watchdog Lives here Do you know that Non-Resident Hunters, Hunting on the over crowed public land, BLM, National Forest in the Western States have a 3% success rate? Each Western State shows that a Non-Resident thinking he is getting a hunt for a bottom dollar as a DIY and Hunts Public Land will come to hunt a western State 6 times before he shoots a Bull or a Cow elk. The western States will not tell you that and it is something I cannot Change, unless you hunt with me on the other side of the fence, on Private land at discounted rates.
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