Labrador Hybrid Retriever Puppies & Started Dogs Available now!

We have an excellent line of Hybrid Retriever Puppies and Started Dogs! Our dogs are raised here at our hunting lodge and have very calm personalities. They make wonderful inside pets and shed much less than a full labrador. They also have a smaller frame. Our females are usually around 55 pounds, lean and muscular. Our males are typically 80's. They are excellent with kids. They also have very good noses and love to hunt. The parents are great here at our lodge and customers love them! The puppies are wonderful too and some of the puppies are pointing already. We have different ages from young and some we have kept that ae started and ready to hunt this fall. We have many references from all over. These dogs are so loving and make great companions also for hiking, riding, etc and a calm family dog too. The colors are unique too! We have spotted black and white, spotted chocolate and white, Red, Chocolate, White with tan spots, Yellow and all are super sweet! You can see details and photos of puppies and parents at If you are interested in pheasant hunting South Dakota- see You can call us at 605-539-9244
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