Babysitter for my ferret

I'll move to Denton in a couple weeks. I have a ferret who will travel with me. Unfortunatelly I must spend a couple months (1 or 2) in the UK around September. Because I don't know too many people in Denton yet, I'm looking for somebody who could take care of my ferret for that time while I'm in Europe. My ferret is very nice and friendly. She loves new people and she has never bitten anybody. She sleeps 20 hours a day so you should just feed her, clean her litter box and play with her half an hour or an hour a day. I could pay around 75 dollars for a week! I'm looking for somebody who loves animals and could be a good friend of my ferret too. If you are interested in it please send me a mail here: kkata1983@hotmail.com
Updated over a month ago