The Longboard Company

Any hobbyist can tell you, the best part about being passionate about something is finding the right tools to enhance the experience. Whether it’s a lens for a photographer, editing software for a filmmaker, or the perfect deck for a skater, passion can be found in taking the time to find the right fit. Entire companies have been built on this idea. If you don’t believe me, visit your local Best Buy and take note of all of the men mindlessly wandering the aisles. They don’t know WHAT they want, but they enjoy the process of looking for it. Now, skaters finally have a chance to experience that same mindless pleasure. The Longboard Company is the one-stop-shop for any skate enthusiast. Finally, skaters have a place to call their own, to discuss the sport, ask questions, and experience the love of longboarding. In the past, boards were found on webpages with nothing more than an image and a cold description. The Longboard Company invites its customers to feel different boards, ride them, experience them and find THE perfect deck. We’ll even let you rent a board for the day to make sure it’s right for you. Our goal at The Longboard Company is to share our love of skate with the world. Whether you’re new to the sport, or a seasoned pro, our staff loves nothing more than to foster passion for Longboarding. We’re ready to take the sport to the next level, are you? Check us out at for more info.  Contact INFO E-mail Number (954) 252-5410 Website
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