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Metrology & Inspection > Tencor Auto OmniMap RS55 / tc Manufacturer:KLA-Tencor Condition:Used,we sell it at AS IS(Refurbished and Installation are optional) Price:Best Offer Amount: 2 sets Please contact us by for more information. * Four Point Probe Resistivity Mapping System with Temperature Compensation and Wafer Handler. * Cassette to cassette measurement. * Display modes include contour maps, 3-D plots and diameter scans. * Can compensate sheet resistance measurements against ambient temperature and materials TCR. * 50mm - 200mm Wafers, Megohm/sp * Measurement Range * Typical Measurement Time: 3.5 - 4.5 Seconds per Test Site * <0.2%(1sigma) Measurement Repeatability * Thermal Chuck Temperature Measurement Accuracy:+/-0.5'C * PC based System * X-Y Map: Up to 1200 Sites Programmable, Probe * Qualification: 20 sites * 1-30 Programmable Routines Test Sites (ASTM Standard Tests Included) * 115V, 50/60 Hz. Inventory on sale: Bunch Sell List Backside Equipment Deposition Equipment Dry Asher Etch RIE ICP Electronic Tester Iron Implanter Lithography & Photoresist Metrology & Inspection Rapid Thermal Process Sputtering and Evaporator System Wafer Probe Wet Processing Equipment Others Metrology Equipment Hitachi S-8840 CD-SEM Hitachi S-8820 CD-SEM Hitachi S-9300 CD-SEM Hitachi S-5000H Hitachi S-4700 FE-SEM Hitachi S-4500 FE-SEM Hitachi S-4160 FE-SEM Hitachi S-2500ci SEM Hitachi S-2300 SEM Hitachi S-2150 SEM Hitachi S-800 SEM Hitachi S-570 SEM LEO 982 FE-SEM LEO 1550 FE-SEM JEOL JSM 840 Micrion FIB M9500 Energy Dispersive X- Ray Spectrometer QUANTAX 200 XFlash 5010 Detector High Quality Track Systems Tractrix Spin Tool Graphical User Interface Features Optional Features Process Flows SpinBall Spin Station Cartridge Dispense System Manual Bake Oven Enhanced SVG System EQUIPE / PRI robot repair and refurbish ATM/EQUIPE robots Robot Controllers Wafer Prealigners New Arrival Main Quartz Ceramic SiC Si Parts Main Quartz Ceramic SiC Si Parts in stock on sale Please contact us by for more information.
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