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Metrology & Inspection > Hitachi S-5000H SEM Manufacturer:Hitachi Condition:Used,we sell it at AS IS(Refurbished and Installation are optional) Price:Best Offer Amount: 2 sets Please contact us by for more information. Equipment Description Attribute Description Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Hitachi Tool Model S5000H Tool Description Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Date of Manufacture Early 1990?¡¥s Entity Code / CEID (if applicable) SEM02 Sample type (wafer, solid, gas, liquid) Wafer/Solids Sample dimensions 4x6mm max ¡§C x-section or flat down Vendor Serial # 6920-02 Operating System and Software Version Non PC based Location SC9-135 Electron Microscopy Lab Operational Status (fully functional, repairs needed, any cannibalization) Fully Operational Electrical Power Configuration (voltage, phase, current) 208V, single phase, 35A stepped down through transformer to 100V Benchtop or standalone? Stand alone Sample Loading Configuration (load-lock, robot, liquid sample introduction system, etc.) Manual load-lock, single sample load Short Paragraph describing this tool, include key features, equipment options, configuration, diagrams etc.: Ultra-high resolution scanning electron microscope (UHRSEM) ¡§C cold cathode field emission (CCFESEM) Resolution Spec for Secondary Electron imaging (SE) ¡§C 0.6nm @ 30kev and 2.0nm @ 1keV Immersion lens system with high performance TEM sample stage Fully dry pumped vacuum system: Seiko Mag Lev Turbo, Ion Pums x 3, Scroll pumps x 2 Digital image capture system, also includes high resolution photo CRT with camera Space and Facilities Requirements Module or Component Dimensions (Length x width x depth; add height, if tall tool) Utilities (electrical power configuration:voltage, phase, current; CDA, N2, gases, PCW, UPW, liquid nitrogen, etc.) Main Console combined with vacuum station/electron column 80?¡À wide, 41?¡À depth Column height 70?¡À 208V single phase, 35A stepped down to 100V CDA @ 60PSI for pneumatics N2 @ 10 PSI for purge LN2 for anti-contamination cold finger Air Cooled chiller ¡§C closed loop 18?¡À wide, 27?¡À depth 110V, 20A Power Rack 24?¡À wide, 30?¡À depth 62?¡À height 208V main power stepped down to 100V through rack and out to system PCI Image Capture Ver. 6 (PC with image capture board) Stand alone on computer table, 24?¡À wide, 30?¡À depth 110V Edwards Scroll Pumps (2) 42?¡À wide, 18?¡À depth Receives power from main unit System Configuration Modules / Features / Tool Options / Chillers / Pumps Qty 1 Main Unit ¡§C Console and electron column/vacuum station 1 2 STEM Detector with Bright Field Aperture 1 3 PCI ¡§C Digital Image Capture PC 1 4 Haskris Air Cooled Chiller 1 5 Various Sample holders, Bulk, X-section, x-section double tilt, STEM 1 ea 6 Power rack 1 7 Scroll/roughing pumps 2 Please contact us by for more information.
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