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Metrology & Inspection > Hitachi S-4500 SEM Manufacturer:Hitachi Condition:Used,we sell it at AS IS(Refurbished and Installation are optional) Price:Best Offer Amount: 3 sets Please contact us by for more information. Description of S-4500 SEM Cold Field Emission SEM System: Performance: Secondary electron image resolution: 1.5 nm at 15kv Magnification: 20X - 500KX Electron Optics: Electron gun: Cold field emmission source Lens type: electromagnetic Objective aperture: 4 position externally selectable Stigmator: Octopole electromagnetic Scanning coil: 2-stage electromagnetic Sample Chamber Size: Type I Airlock: prepumped, max sample size:50 mm diameter Stage motion: 5 axis manual Draw-out door: Max sample size:150 mm dia. Size: Type II Airlock: prepumped, max sample size:100 mm or 150 mm diameter Stage motion: 5 axis manual Display system: Image display: Dual 12" monitors Scanning mode: Normal, reduced area , line scan, photo scan, spot position, split screen Scanning speed: TV, 0.3, 2, 9, 25, 35, 100, 160 320 s/frame Signal processing:Real-time processing, auto-brightness and contrast control, dynamic stigmator, sutofocus, a Frame averaging, frame integration, contrast conversion, Vacuum system: Full automatic operation with pneumatic valve control Ultimate vacuum: 10 (-7) Pa in electron gun chamber, 10(-4) Pa in specimen chamber Ion pump: 60 L/s X1, 20 L/s X2 Speciment chamber: DP (570 L/s);Turbo Optional Foreline: Rotary pump X2 Accessories (Optional) Optional New EDX system: Energy Dispersive X- Ray Spectrometer QUANTAX 200 Digital Image capturing: Orion-6 software, Optional Chilled water circulator: 10 - 20 deg C, 1.0 -1.5 L/m for DP only Installation AC: Single phase AC 220 or 240 volt, 50/60 Hz Grounding: Independent grounding 100 Ohms or less NOTE: (1) Tool configuration shown is accurate to the knowledge of Global Nanotech Equipment. Actual configuration may vary. Buyer is advised to conduct it's own inspections. (2) The above description and photos are only for reference.For more actual information,please contact us . Please contact us by for more information.
Updated 27-Aug-2011
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