My name is Kevin McKay. I am the National Re-seller Recruiter for MedGuardPLUS, Inc. We are HQ in Fletcher NC and have been providing life safety and home security services for over 30years. Our PERS program has been a great success in a booming market! We have enjoyed great success and the rewards that come from saving one life at a time and helping those in need. Our RESELLER program is new. We’ve traditionally marketed our products via International Call Centers who have a disconnect with our customers. Our RESELLER program is a grass roots approach to providing more personable service to our clients. Our Resellers LOVE helping people. Resellers who are currently working with Seniors or helping with aging in home needs, can enjoy a GREAT! Financial opportunity w/MedGuardPLUS! Many of our Resellers are marrying our product to an existing product. You can market any way you wish. Via Online, at the door, flyers, word of mouth, you name it! We have a very attractive pay out for this effort. Commisions START at 100 dollars per unit sold and activated !! We do not provide DATA to our call centers as we are primarily a Life Safety Company 1st! We do have several phone scripts avail to help with any telemarketing effort. Our brochures are online and avail for you to have printed. We charge ZERO to become an Authorized Reseller, your only expense is your personal marketing materials. High volume sales reps/agencies who consistently produce weekly activation volume are provided with some professionally printed marketing materials. This is another reason why our commissions are so impressive! All Resellers are provided with an AGENT ID# to be used on your distributed marketing material or web advertising. This is used as your PROMO CODE. As a recruiter we rely on our PROMO CODE to get us paid. Please be sure to use YOUR Promo Code when JOINING US. Your promo code is: MGP1
Updated 16-Aug-2012