JBL Pro 4425 Studio Monitors (3 Matched Set)

JBL Professional 4425 Studio Monitors for audiophile and recording studios to a great home system. Three (3) speakers could be used as surround sound rear center , rear right and rear left for an over the top home theatre application, as well. Punchy while remaining compact, as a 2-way configuration, these matched set of three (3) JBL Professional 4425 Studio Monitors are in great shape. There a few cosmetic scratches that should be able to rubbed out, nothing that effects the performance. The most compact enclosure in the series "44", the sound is characterized by a gain in overall neutrality and a three-dimensional image of the stereo dynamics. These monitors are very impressive with regards to their power handling for the size, and great sensitivity to the acoustic environment in which it operates. ". . .the quality of the stereo image is exceptional even compared to newer models but it does give the best well-fed by amp supply current and power for large rooms; of tube amps can give very good results as well as sources to warm connotation. . ..The value is excellent especially compared to what is proposed today! " Key Words: Studio Monitor, Studio Monitors, JBL Monitors, JBL Professional Studio Monitors, Recording Studio Equipment, Mastering,
Updated 6-Apr-2013