JBL 4406 Studio Monitors

JBL 4406 Professional Series 4406 Studio Monitors (pair) Offered for your consideration is an exceptional matched pair of JBL 4406 Studio Monitors.. These superlative loudspeakers are revered by sound engineers and audiophiles, and for good reason--they sound outstanding! Made under JBL's Professional Series, the 4406 features a two-way design with cast basket 6½" poly-cone woofers and 1" titanium dome tweeters, both with very large magnets, housed in reasonably-sized, heavy ¾" MDF cabinets covered on five sides with beautiful real walnut veneer. The drivers are in outstanding condition with no noted detractions--they were built to last. The first time you hear some classic JBL Studio Monitors, the impression is immediate and significant. Unlike many speakers of today that use the term "monitor" as a marketing ploy, the 4406's are Studio Monitors; they're the real deal. Designed for critical listening duty in smaller recording studios, the 4406 can effortlessly fill a sizeable living room with incredibly defined, robust music at surprisingly low input wattage. Their sound is clean and remarkably uncolored from midrange up to the titanium domes' sparkling 27KHz upper limit. Plus, their ported cabinet low-end response tops most speakers with 8" woofers - a more capable 6½" mid/bass unit and can be compared to JBL's 115H-1 with the best 165mm drivers from England, Germany. So, if you've been looking for a pair of the highly desirable JBL 4406 Studio Monitors, you've found the right listing. 4406's are offered on the internet from time to time, but seldom in this overall condition. Unlike many that were worked hard and knocked around for years in a pro setting-- JBL 4406 Studio Monitors is offered to the discriminating audiophile at a competitive price. In return for this handsome investment, they're sure to please the new owner with their sound quality and timeless appearance for many years to come. Key Words: Studio, Professional Sound, Audiophile, JBL's, JBL, JBL Studio Monitors, JBL Speakers, Professional Studio Monitors.