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Cato is a lovable 4 yo female who we have had for almost 3 years. She is talkative and a wonderful communicator. She really loves to talk to you and show you things if you have the time to spare. She also likes for you to join her for dinner! We will really miss Cato, but she has become aggressive towards one of our other cats and specifically targets him constantly. We do not want there to be ...
Ash is a cute kitten that needs a loving forever home! She is house and litter trained! Her birthday is April 1st! Thank you!
Tabitha is an energetic little kitten looking for a forever home! She is litter-trained and house trained! Her birthday is April 1st! Thank you
Daisy is a cute kitten that needs a loving forever home! She is house and litter trained! Daisy doesn't like being alone so you may need another kitten in the house or just someone who is always home. Her birthday is April 1st! Thank you!
3 yr old brother and sisters. Found the cats as kittens in an apartment complex. Very loving. Male cat (stub tail) outgoing, female cat shy but warms up eventually. Been together since birth. They get along with dogs. Very loving cats. Love treats and laying together. Wife is allergic and allergies have only gotten worse. Looking for a loving home that they can go to together
This is Nemo and he is a special 15 year old cat that we have enjoyed having over the years. There has been an unfortunate family emergency that is requiring a move and making it impossible to take him. He has a distinct personality that makes him ideal to be an outside/inside cat. He enjoys being outdoors, but enjoys coming inside to rest and get some attention and pets. He does well with othe...
Betty is a very sweet girl who loves attention and pets! We have very much enjoyed having her in our lives and wish to re-home her with someone who will make her feel safe and secure. She enjoys hanging out with her owners indoors mostly and will also enjoy being outside for a bit. She has a friendly personality and gets along with everyone. She has a very cute meow when she wants to be pet and...
3 yr old brother and sister cats. Found in apartment complex.very loving cats. Get along with dogs. Love treats and laying with each other.
Tony is a 10 month old tabby that's in need of a loving forever home! He is a very sweet and affectionate young man. He will be skittish at first but once he's used to you he's a real cool kitty! He's a purr baby too lol. Make sure you take him to the vet for his shots and things of that nature, thank you!
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