Looking for a Carpool Solution

Dear Friends, Are you tired of travelling alone for long hours, sky rocketing prices of gas, spending money in paying for parking tickets in a downtown, spending long hours in commute, not being able to use carpool lanes, pumping CO2 in the environment then you have come to the right place. we just want to let you know that we have developed a solution for people like you who are looking for carpool partners for WORK|SCHOOL|EVENTs. http://www.CarpoolAssist.com You can register on the above website and take advantage of our HUGE database of people who might be traveling on similar routes as you at similar timings. You can register for FREE and reach out to a very big community of people who you could be connected to. It is fast and easy to register. Thanks & Regards, Seema Gupta part of CarpoolAssist Team. sgupta@carpoolassist.com "Reduce your Carbon Footprints by Carpooling to Work|School|Events" http://www.CarpoolAssist.com
Updated 17-Mar-2011
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