2010 Ferrari California

2010 Ferrari California Only 14,000 miles on this well maintained and recently serviced Ferrari Balance of ferrari factory warranty. See it at www.pro-auto.com or call 215-633-0775 Qualified buyers can finance for as little as $2355 per month over 84 months( calculated with pa tax of 6% and $20,000 down@4.25%interest) Rates and monthly terms can be customized Call for 215-633-0775 for quotes options include-CALIFORNIA MY10 ZFF65LHA2A0174195 Warranty dates : 07/26/2010-07/26/2013 Exterior: EXTRACAMPIONARIO-NOT STANDARD Interior: NERO 8500 (BLACK) Carpets: NERO 152 (BLACK) Options : Code Colour Code ATTC INTERIOR DRAWING ATTACHED CIDZ CARBON FIBRE FOR DRIVING ZONE CIHZ CARBON FINISH FOR UPPER AREA CILZ CARBON FIBRE LOWER CABIN ZONE CPHO CARBON REAR MOULDING CRS1 CRUISE CONTROL DAY1 DAYTONA STYLE SEAT 364018500 NERO 8500 (BLACK) MIH2 INN/OUT ELETTR.MIRROR+HOMELINK NDSP INTERNAL USE PAR2 FRONT AND REAR PARKING SENSORS PEBL BLACK EXTERNAL A PILLARS PLAL ALUMINIUM DRIVER&PASS.FOOTREST RMSD 20"DIAMOND FINISH SPORT WHEELS RUF1 LEATHER HEADLINER 364018500 NERO 8500 (BLACK) SATR ANTENNA SDARS SPEC SPECIAL FEATURES STC2 SPECIAL STITCHING (DIST/THICK) 364302000 FILO SPECIALE BIANCO 2000 TPM0 TYRES PRESSURE MEASUREMENT TYPP PIRELLI TYRES
Updated 7-Aug-2013
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