I have an adjustable (not sure what sizes, but we have used it for queen size and it is definitely able to be adjusted up to 4 sizes) metal bedframe. We're not using it but I have all of the pieces and it is in good condition.
I have a box of miscellaneous plastic kitchen items. There are utensils, a cutting board, a colander, as well as some nonstick pots and pans. I'm transitioning my kitchen over to being plastic free and no longer have need for these items!
The bassinet is cream and tan colored, in perfect condition, our child has outgrown it and it is just taking up space in the garage. It has a sun shade attachment and wheels. It comes with a mattress and a cream colored sheet as well as two gray sheets. Underneath it has a dual compartment "basket" of sorts that can be used to store blankets, burp cloths, toys, etc.
Freewindow glass from 100 yr old home40 x 48Frame is not in good shape but the glass is intactIt looks like it is plate glass as it is quite thick.
Offered for scrap or for use, and abundance of ductwork, DUCT WORK GONE old toilets, bathroom vanitysink, and an old heater HEATER GONE. Please help yourself. Items can be found in the driveway at the address listed above. Take nothing else and be careful you do not run into vehicles in the driveway. One toilet is on the porch. Feel free to take it.
Couch and matching overstuffed chair and pillows. Structurally great, cushions and padding support is good, could use a cover. If you can haul it you can have it.Couch is 84 long by 36deep and 38high with two matching pillows.Chair is 48wide by 36deep and 38high
I have about 5 acres of Douglas fir forest that needs to be thinned. The only trees that need to be cut are about 3 to 5 inches in diameter and 30 feet high see pictures. You will need to pull the cut trees outside the forest about 300 feet before you can trim them to minimize debris inside the forest. You can take about 50 of the wood you process for FREE and leave me the rest. It is up to you...
15 truck tires and rims.Running lawn mower.Nice comfortable couch.Yard furniture tablesStorage totes.Working good hose.Moved and I just have no room to store this stuff. The couch and chair are on the porch, to keep from getting wet.Please take it all 511 Spaulding ave Brownsville OR 97327Turn down Kirk ave the street by the bridgeFallow that down about a quarter mile.Keep your eyes on the left...
Free Art at RandomSomewhere in Albany this week Did you find onePosting free art at random places, because anyone can use a little art pick me up now and then.Cheers
Scrap pieces of foam, similar to boogie board material or soft surf board material. Collected for random insulation jobs around the property, but we have to move so we need to re-home them. Also good for protecting your knees, during work where you have to kneel on the ground. Good for light weight outdoor seating. Or whatever else your creative mind can think of Email for more info and come pi...
large solid bench - close to 8 ft longformerly a church pew, so built sturdyhas been used in a patio area, but could be used in workshop or shed, or recovered and used indoors - sorry, no text
round rabbit or poultry pen for grazing in yardmade with galvanized roofing, pvc and chicken wireabout 50 across in diameter651-955-28four2 - sorry, no text
Have a couch that I need to get rid of. I have no means to move it, so if you want to come get it, its yours. Theres a tear underneath one of the cushions from an ex room mates dog, and it is a used couch. Feel free to text me, but I work during the day from 830-6.
Four large blocks of concrete are available. Concrete is in our driveway at 3717 NW Camas Pl in Corvallis, OR. Theyre heavy. We moved them from the backyard with a dolly. They may need to be broken into smaller pieces if lifting is needed to get them into your vehicle.Ill delete this post once the concrete is removedpicked-up.
Want to ship a special frozen or refrigerated treat to someone who cant be with you for the holidays Heres the box to do it, complete with freezer packs.Outer box dimensions 15x14x10.5Inner dimensions inside styrofoam 12x10x7Four freezer packs with an upper styrofoam lidI got a frozen pie in this box in the summer, and yes, it was still frozen.